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Optimo Card

Optimo Card is a credit card that gives customers the opportunity to make purchases of high value goods in an extended number of installments. You benefit from 18, 24 or 36 installments with advantageous cost, in the partner network stores.

Now you can buy everything you dreamt of!

NEW!  Optimo Card can be now enrolled in Apple Pay. You pay safely, quickly and easily! Find out more about Apple Pay, how to enroll your card and how to make payments from here.

Optimo Card description:

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Attached documents

  • Income statement
  • Certificate of income
  • List of fees, commissions, interest and cost for Optimo Card

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There are over 300.000 owners CardAvantaj and Optimo Card that can become customers of your store.
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Look at the advantages you have as a partner:

  • Promoting the brand to cardholders through the bank's marketing channels
  • Flexible fees depending on the number of rates agreed
  • Periodic campaigns to expand the number of installments