Optimo Card

Optimo Card is a credit card that gives customers the opportunity to make purchases of high value goods in an extended number of installments. You benefit from 18, 24 or 36 installments with advantageous cost, in the partner network stores.

Now you can buy everything you dreamt of!

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Optimo Card description:

    • The possibility to pay in 18, 24 or 36 installments with advantageous cost, in the partner shops network (for a transaction of at least 500 lei);
    • ZERO Lei issuing fee;
    • ZERO Lei administration fee;
    • Grace period of up to 45 days when interest is not collected for commercial transactions (including in the installment system).
    • The possibility to quickly pay for purchases, using Contactless technology. Commercial transactions made through this technology may not be made in instalments, even if they are carried out at the bank's own terminals;
    • The possibility to benefit of an unlimited credit period with the condition to refund monthly the minimum payment amount.
    • Dual functionality - credit/debit: In addition to access to a credit limit granted by the bank, the cardholder may also dispose of own funds available in the card account;
    • Services available to cardholders in abroad: Phone support for card use, replacement of lost or stolen card, emergency insurance of a sum of money;
    • The possibility to perform online transactions, both in installments with advantageous cost, and also outside the installments system.
  • You can enjoy the benefits of shopping with advantageous cost installments, in Optimo Card partner shops network:

    • In this way you can make transactions in stores from the different areas: Electronics/IT&C, furniture, construction/DIY shops/interior design, health, etc.

    In any location of the merchants partners that accept Optimo Card, you can perform transactions in either 18, 24, or 36 installments, of your choice.

    You can pay in installments with values higher than 500 Lei.

    • 19%/year for transactions made in installments (18, 24 or 36).
    • 28%/year for transactions outside the installment system if the full value of that transaction has not been fully reimbursed during the grace period.
  • Represents the amount the cardholder must pay until the due date and consists of the following:

    • 100% of the value of commercial transactions in installments at advantageous cost due monthly, made through the card, 3% of the value of the transaction with the card, plus the full amount of the fees and commissions, of all interest ( Including penalty interest, if applicable) and outstanding amounts and unauthorised account discovery.
    • The account statement will be issued on the 1st of each month, and the due date will be 15 days after the statement is issued. If the due date is on a non-working day, then the payment must be made in the next working day.
    • With the issuance of the account statement, Credit Europe Bank will send an SMS with the minimum amount of payment. The credit limit granted on the card is revolving, the amounts refunded will be refounded on the card account from the next day to be used again.
    • Come to any Credit Europe Bank branch.
    • Apply online www.optimocard.ro to section  "Aplica acum";
    • Call CEBLine: 0801,000,000 (valid for Telekom  fixed network) or 0750,000,000/0724,100,000 (valid for any network) and a representative of the bank is at your disposal to advise you to obtain a card.
    • Here you find out how to apply through CEBLine for Optimo Card.
  • Benefit from increased security on Online transactions through credit cards issued by Credit Europe Bank. Transactions made through Optimo Card give you great flexibility and a high security standard provided by implementing the 3D Secure protocol. You can perform commercial transactions at any time, the products and services of traders being just one click away without having to go to the store.

    • What does 3D Secure mean? 3D Secure is a security standard developed by Mastercard and VISA that gives you the ability to use an additional password just to pay online to prevent attempts at fraud. This password will be requested every time you want to make an Online transactions, at merchants enrolled in the 3D Secure standard, through credit cards issued by Credit Europe Bank.

    In this way we respond to the requirements for the development of a reliable payment method, eliminating the risk of fraud by copying the identification data of the payment instrument or randomly generating the card numbers for the purpose of using them on the Internet . Moreover, credit cards issued by Credit Europe Bank, are automatically activated for the Mastercard SecureCode/Verified by VISA service and are differentiated by a security-increased standard, by simply reason that authentication in the time of purchase of products or services on the Internet is done through a unique, dynamic password. This password will be received via SMS whenever you want to perform a transaction. For the safety of online shopping, try to purchase products from merchants enrolled in 3D secure that display the MasterCard secure Code and Verified by VISA logos.



  • To eliminate any possibility of fraud on the Internet, all credit cards issued by Credit Europe Bank, are initially blocked for online transactions. To be able to pay on-line, credit cards holders can activate this service by calling CEBLine at phone no: 0801000000 (number valid for Telekom fixed network) or 0750000000/0724100000 (numbers valid for any network), activation is made directly from the phone menu, without talking to a bank representative. The service is available 24/7 and phone calls are normally charged.

    Here you find out how to activate your online payments through CEBLine.

  • You can apply WITHOUT INCOME DOCUMENTS to get a credit limit of up to 12,000 lei*, if your income is from salaries reported to the National Tax Administration Agency (ANAF).

    *You can request the increase of the credit limit by presenting the income documents (e.g. certificate of income, income statement for the previous year, etc.).

    Moreover, in certain Credit Europe Bank branches, after the bank has performed the necessary checks in the ANAF database and if the eligibility conditions are met, the card is awarded to you on the spot.

    If your income is not reported to the National Tax Administration Agency (ANAF), it is necessary to introduce the following documents**:

    • Certificate of income;
    • Income statement for previous year.

    **There may be situations where, in order to grant the credit, additional documents should be presented.

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Attached documents

  • Income statement
  • Certificate of income
  • List of fees, commissions, interest and cost for Optimo Card

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