Internet Banking

Become your own banker by using the Internet Banking Service Credit Europe Net offered by Credit Europe Bank. You have secured on-line access from anywhere to your banking accounts and you can perform banking operations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Credit Europe Net Internet Banking Activation

The activation of Internet Banking service is free and can only be made after requesting the service in the branch and after receiving a login device. 

In order to activate the service, please send an e-mail to One of our Internet Banking technical support representatives will contact you shortly (M - F, 09:00 - 18:00). For the activation request, please use the e-mail address declared in the service application form and specify your Last name, First name and your customer code*. Following service activation, our representative will assist you for the first login.

*You may find your customer code on the service contract or by calling Internet Banking support telephone numbers: 0801 004 444 (can be dialed from Romtelecom) or 0750 202 000 (can be dialed from any network).


  • 0 commission for transfers between own accounts with the same currency;
  • Access 24/7 - secure transaction from anywhere;
  • Account statement - you can check the transactions list whenever you want;
  • CardAvantaj installments payment - you can pay the total installment value or the minimum amount;
  • 0 management fee for the Internet Banking service;
  • Non-stop assistance - for any problem, you can contact anytime Internet Banking Assistance at 0750.202.000 or 0801.004.444;
  • Now you can activate your CardAvantaj for online payments directly from the Internet Banking application.

Are you a Credit Europe Net customer? Launch the App!


The main operations which may be performed

    • The application offers the possibility of seeing the balance of the accounts that the customer has opened with Credit Europe Bank (except for the credit card accounts);
    • The customer can request account statements for the accounts opened with Credit Europe Bank for a period of time of his choice;
    • CardAvantaj Visa Classic or Gold and / or MasterCard Standard or Gold are receiving their monthly account statements for card directly within the Internet banking account.
    • Balance information: available balance and bonus is displayed for credit cards;
    • Informatii tranzactii: clients may visualize transactions performed since last statement issuing, pending transactions and transaction channels (eg. POS, e-commerce, card account, etc.);
    • Installments information: installments number and value can be visualized for each credit card transaction;
    • Account statement: monthly credit card statements can be accessed since contracting the Credit Europe Net service;
    • E-commerce transactions: permissions for performing online e-commerce transactions may be activated or deactivated at client choice;
    • Credit card reimbursing: the Credit Europe Net application offers preset options for reimbursing the minimum amount, the total amount for current statement (without future installments), or any other amount chosen by the client.
    • Payments in LEI: payments can be made to other beneficiaries as well as to the State's treasuries;
    • Payments in foreign currency: payments in foreign currency can be made to bank's customers as well as to customers of other banks from the country or abroad;
    • Payment patterns: the customer can set a template for the same type of payment order. As an example, when monthly payments are being made to a supplier, a template can be saved and the information will not be changed from one payment to another. When a new payment is being made, the saved template is selected and the customer must only fill in the fields with the rest of the information;
    • Transfers between customer's own accounts;
    • Payments import: in case of legal entities, the customer can import the payment orders to employees or suppliers from the accounting program of the company through an txt file;
    • Foreign exchange: the customer can make foreign exchange operations with the amounts available in the accounts.
    • The customer can choose to constitute term deposits and / or with monthly payments for a period 1, 3, 6, 9, 12 or 24 months;
    • Open deposits may be closed at client choice.
    • The deposits can be automatically made by selecting the source account that the customer opened with Credit Europe Bank.
  • The customer benefits all the time from a transaction history made on each account. Credit Europe net offers general financial information in real time: exchange rates, bank interests, etc.
    For any problem that may occur during the usage of Internet banking application, the customers can contact technical support service, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at phone numbers: 0801 004 444 or 0750 202 000 or at the e-mail address:


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