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Symbol BNR Buy Sell
EUR 4,9678 4,9200 5,0200
USD 4,5710 4,5300 4,6500
GBP 5,7886 5,6800 5,8400
CHF 5,2353 5,2000 5,3200
SEK 0,4389 0,4070 0,4610
100 JPY 3,1189 3,0700 3,2300

* Current account exchange rates

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Natural person 1 month* 3 months
EUR 0,60% 1,00%
RON 5,75% 6,75%
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Index Last update Rate
EURIBOR 12 LUNI 04.12.2023 3.90200%
EURIBOR 6 LUNI 04.12.2023 4.00400%
IRCC 01.10.2023 5.96000%
ROBOR 3 LUNI 04.12.2023 6.25000%
ROBOR 6 LUNI 04.12.2023 6.31000%
SARON 1MC+M1 04.12.2023 0.64560%
SARON 3MC+M3 04.12.2023 0.70900%
SARON 3MC+M6 04.12.2023 0.78000%
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You already know what the door will look like. You know how big the balcony will be, how will you fit up your couch towards the TV and what color will be the kitchen tile.

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Serving our customers' demands always starts with a good knowledge of their needs. The better we get to know them, the better we can analyze potential alternatives to their satisfaction.

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