Consumers complaints


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Useful information

  • In case of any litigation that could not be solved between a consumer and Credit Europe Bank (Romania) S.A. upon a complaint that had been presented to the bank by the consumer, the consumers have the option to address to the Center of Alternative Solution of Litigations in Banking System (CSALB), situated in Bucharest, Sevastopol Street no. 24, 1st District, phone no. (021)9414, website, constituted according the Government Ordinance no. 38/2015 with the purpose of organizing and managing the alternative solution of litigation in banking sector, respectively between the consumers and credit institutions. 

  • The consumers can address to the National Authority for Consumers Protection situated in Bucharest, Aviatorilor Boulevard no. 72, 1st District, phone no. (021)9551, website, related with the cases in witch Credit Europe Bank (Romania) SA breaches the statutory consumer protection regulations.

  • The people concerned have the right to contact the National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing, headquartered in G-ral. Gheorghe Magheru 28-30, 1st District, Bucharest, Romania, tel: +40.318.059.211 / +40.318.059.212, website:, regarding the rights granted to them by the applicable legislation in the field of personal data protection.


  • Dear clients,

    We would like to ensure you that reporting any dissatisfaction related to us is a real warning system that enables the Bank to take immediate action in order to solve the found deficiencies regarding its products, services or employees.

    Please, let us know whenever you have a complaint regarding the provided products and services, the employees' behaviour or issues that you consider as being breaches of legal or contractual provisions, by using the following contact methods:

    • personally, in one of the bank's branches, by filling in the "Complaints form" provided to the clients or by making a notification previously drawn on paper;
    • by calling CEBLine (available 24h / 24h), at 0750 000 000, 0724.100.000 (from any network) or 0801 000 000 (available from Telekom network);
    • by E-mail to;
    • by using the contact online form.

    Information regarding the complaints management internal process

    Each received complaint will be thoroughly, correctly, impartially and confidentially analysed and the internal process of solving the complaints will have the following steps:

    • assigning an automatic registration number or offered by the Bank's representative;
    • investigating the complained aspects thoroughly and objectively by the Bank's representative;
    • for a quick fix of the complaint, the applicant must provide the following information: full name, sole registration number / PIN, as appropriate, address, phone number, details of the discontent, copies of the documents considered as relevant, the name of the subjects affected by the complaint
    • informing the complainant on the outcome of the investigation (on request), its motivation and the measures to be taken for remedy.

    Our main goal is to respond promptly to our clients, the period varying depending on the complexity of the analysed situation. We inform you that the Bank's response will be made in due time, stating that if the answer requires a longer term, you will be informed in this respect. Regarding the complaints targeting the credit cards, the answer may involve a longer solving process, given the applicable international regulations.

    We also communicate you that to the extent that our response does not fully meet your requirements, you have the right to address to the competent authority or to other authority provided by the law, including to an alternative banking dispute resolution entity.

Attached documents

  • Alternative Litigation Solution Procedure