Mastercard Standard Debit

Apply for Mastercard debit contactless card in any of Credit Europe Bank branches and benefit from a great offer!

0 (ZERO) lei fee for:

  • Monthly management commission account;
  • Debit card issuance (including supplementary card);
  • Sales transaction at POS, anywhere in the world;
  • Cash withdrawals from Credit Europe Bank ATMs;
  • Cash withdrawals from Credit Europe Bank POS;
  • Fast payments using contactless technology;
  • More than that, for cash withdrawals from ATMs of other banks in Romania, a fixed fee, only 1.5 lei / transaction;
  • 0 commissions for commercial transactions abroad;
  • Access 24/7 to existing funds in an open account at Credit Europe Bank, both in the country and abroad;
  • Ability to request up to 5 supplementary cards.

NEW!  Mastercard Standard Debit card can be now enrolled in Apple Pay. You pay safely, quickly and easily! Find out more about Apple Pay, how to enroll your card and how to make payments from here.

Attached documents

  • MasterCard Standard Debit List of Fees & Commissions
  • Notification for Smart Display holders