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Calculate your loan installments and download the reimbursement plan.

The figures are presented only for your information. For a detailed loan planning we are inviting you in any Credit Europe Bank branch.

Credit Calculator

I own (or want to apply for) a credit or salary card issued by Credit Europe Bank (Romania) S.A.
Monthly rate:
APR *:

*)Calculated at interest rate 8,65 % (IRCC + 2,75 pp. Fixed margin). IRCC was considered valid for the period 01.04.2024 - 30.06.2024 equal to 5,90 %.

How can you get the loan?

  • At Credit Europe Bank branches you get a personalized calculation and all the information you need before you contract the loan.

  • Now you can prepare all the necessary documents and deposit them in your preferred branch. Find the full list of documents you need on the site or in any Credit Europe Bank branch.

  • We hasten to give you an answer for the loan. You will find out the maximum amount that you can borrow, so that you know what type of house you will search for. From the pre-approval moment you have 60 days for finding your dream home.

  • If you found the real estate, we are waiting for its documents:

    • The property documents;
    • The registration of ownership;
    • The cadastral documentation;
    • A recent information Land Book receipt.
  • In the same time, you can choose any evaluator proposed by Credit Europe Bank or any another authorized evaluator, member of the Romanian National Association of the Authorized Evaluators. This is the final step before approving the loan.

  • There's just a little more. Now you get the final approval for your credit request.

  • After the loan approval, please set with the notary and the seller the date for signing the contracts and let us know this information at least 2 days in advance, in order to prepare the credit and mortgage contracts.

    In the day of signing the contracts you will need:

    • Statement of Land Book Extract that provides the legal status of the building;
    • A tax certificate stating that there are no unpaid taxes for the real estate financed/ brought as collateral;
    • A certificate issued by the homeowners association proving the up-to-date payment of the contributions at the homeowners association expenses;
    • Energy performance certificate;
    • Insurance policies for the real estate.

    Granting credit requires the provision of guarantees to Credit Europe Bank, such as:

    • Mortgage constituted on property purchased on credit;
    • Mortgage over the incomes;
    • Mortgage over the current accounts opened at Credit Europe Bank;
    • Mortgage on the claim rights representing damages arising from property insurance policies - it is necessary to complete the PAD policy and the optional insurance policy for the purchased real estate (if the insurance is completed with the insurance company for which the Bank acts as a subordinate insurance agent and it is intermediating the insurances, the annual premium is of approximatively 0.12% from the value of the real estate).
  • Immediately after the presentation of the proof of submission to the Land Registry of:

    • Request for tabulation in favor of the client of the property right over the building / buildings, and
    • Application for registration in favor of the Bank of the mortgage and the related interdictions.

    The seller will receive the loan amount in a current account opened at Credit Europe Bank or in another account opened at any bank.

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