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Avantaj SoftPOS turns any Android smartphone into a POS terminal

Through Avantaj SoftPOS app you can accept payments with your bank card directly on your mobile phone.


Symbol BNR Buy Sell
EUR 4,9704 4,9100 5,0200
USD 4,5850 4,5300 4,6500
GBP 5,9171 5,8200 5,9800
CHF 5,1659 5,1300 5,2500
SEK 0,4247 0,3920 0,4460
100 JPY 2,9652 2,9500 3,1100

* Current account exchange rates

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Natural person 1 month* 3 months
EUR 0,60% 1,00%
RON 5,75% 6,75%
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Index Last update Rate
EURIBOR 12 LUNI 24.07.2024 3.50800%
EURIBOR 6 LUNI 24.07.2024 3.64200%
IRCC 01.07.2024 5.86000%
ROBOR 3 LUNI 24.07.2024 5.80000%
ROBOR 6 LUNI 24.07.2024 5.87000%
SARON 1MC+M1 24.07.2024 0.15250%
SARON 3MC+M3 24.07.2024 0.36840%
SARON 3MC+M6 24.07.2024 0.43940%
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Your Android phone is now a payment terminal

By installing the new Avantaj SoftPOS app from Credit Europe Bank you can accept payments by bank card directly on your mobile phone.

Turn your Android smartphone into a contactless mobile POS terminal with Avantaj SoftPOS  and integrate it seamlessly with your business.

With  Avantaj SoftPOS app you can accept payments anywhere. From courier services or taxi services, to small businesses, being mobile and offering easy and safe payment solutions is a priority. Avantaj SoftPOS will help your business no matter what the situation.

Benefits of Avantaj SoftPOS

  • Seamlessly process any contactless payment.
  • Accept card payments wherever you are.
  • All payments are completely secure.

Download and install Avantaj SoftPOS app now on your Android phone!

Avantaj SoftPOS is the ideal solution for any entrepreneur. If you have a growing business or if you are at the beginning, we are with you with a simple, mobile and secure payment solution. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in further details.

Useful documents

  • Avantaj SoftPOS User Guide
  • Terms and conditions of use of the application