Authorize electronic card payments directly from the AVANTAJ2go app!

Install the AVANTAJ2go app on your phone and use it for 3D Secure authentication of electronic card transactions.

Buy online, confirm from the app! No passwords, no text message!

Activate the 3D Secure service in the AVANTAJ2go app:

  • Step 1: Download the app from the App Store or Google Play, and if it’s already installed, make sure you have the last version
  • Step 2: Allow AVANTAJ2go to send you notifications
  • Step 3: Open the app and register your card
  • Step 4: Go to “More” menu, “Settings” submenu, and check the option “Use this device for 3D Secure authentication”

Done! Now you get notifications on your phone for every online transaction and you can confirm them straight from the app, without passwords or text messages. 

How to make online payments with the AVANTAJ2go app:

  • Step 1: Choose products from online shop
  • Step 2: After adding all desired products, initiate the payment
  • Step 3: You’re directed to the payment page, where you enter your card information
  • Step 4: After pressing the confirmation button, you’re directed to the secured payment page and you receive a notification on your mobile phone
  • Step 5: Open the notification and confirm your transaction straight from the app
  • Step 6: Return to the page where you initiated the payment, to check the status of your order and transaction