CardAvantaj VIRTUAL but with advantages as real as possible

In addition to the benefits of a physical card, the virtual card comes with extra security benefits.


Symbol BNR Buy Sell
EUR 4,9677 4,9200 5,0200
USD 4,6717 4,6400 4,7600
GBP 5,7103 5,6300 5,7900
CHF 5,1335 5,0800 5,2000
SEK 0,4227 0,3910 0,4450
100 JPY 3,1436 3,1000 3,2600

* Current account exchange rates

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Natural person 1 month* 3 months
EUR 0,60% 1,00%
RON 5,75% 6,75%
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Index Last update Rate
EURIBOR 12 LUNI 25.09.2023 4.21300%
EURIBOR 6 LUNI 25.09.2023 4.08200%
IRCC 01.07.2023 5.94000%
ROBOR 3 LUNI 25.09.2023 6.40000%
ROBOR 6 LUNI 25.09.2023 6.50000%
SARON 1MC+M1 25.09.2023 0.64950%
SARON 3MC+M3 25.09.2023 0.71100%
SARON 3MC+M6 25.09.2023 0.78200%
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Virtual card, real benefits.


It is unlikely that you will be a victim of fraud, the virtual card cannot be stolen, and the card data can only be accessed by you in the AVANTAJ2go application.

Anonymized payments

Nowadays, more and more people are concerned about the safety of their personal data online. The virtual card is perfect for those who do not want to provide information about cards issued in physical format.

The perfect alternative of the main card

If you encounter difficulties in using the main card issued in physical format (loss, theft, demagnetization), you can use the virtual card until you receive the reissued physical card, so you still have access to your credit limit.

Install the application and enjoy the benefits of CardAvantaj Virtual.

Watch the video tutorial on how to issue a virtual card on CardAvantaj's YouTube channel!

Video Tutorial

Frequently asked questions about virtual cards

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