A new payment method is a available through SelfPay Stations!

It's simple, secure, available 24/24 and at no extra fees.


Symbol BNR Buy Sell
EUR 4,9696 4,9000 5,0500
USD 4,6562 4,5400 4,6900
GBP 5,7565 5,6800 5,8600
CHF 5,1125 5,0400 5,1600
SEK 0,4255 0,3960 0,4500
100 JPY 3,3289 3,2700 3,4300

* Current account exchange rates

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Natural person 1 month* 3 months
EUR 0,60% 1,00%
RON 5,75% 6,75%
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Index Last update Rate
EURIBOR 12 LUNI 02.06.2023 3.87500%
EURIBOR 6 LUNI 02.06.2023 3.72100%
IRCC 01.04.2023 5.98000%
ROBOR 3 LUNI 02.06.2023 6.55000%
ROBOR 6 LUNI 02.06.2023 6.65000%
SARON 1MC+M1 02.06.2023 0.37160%
SARON 3MC+M3 02.06.2023 0.30590%
SARON 3MC+M6 02.06.2023 0.37690%
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Paying your credit card is easy and always convenient with so many SelfPay Stations arround you.

SelfPay is the largest network of self-service Payment Stations in Romania. At SelfPay Stations you can choose to reimburse the monthly installments for every credit card issued by Credit Europe Bank.

  • Search here for the nearest SelfPay Payment Station. Whether it is near home, work, or on your way when you are out, paying your installments through SelfPay Stations is very easy.
  • Make sure you have your credit card statement with you. You have two options: either scan the barcode from the account statement (you can use both the printed statement and the electronic one sent by the bank to your e-mail address), or manually enter the characters of the code from the statement using the Payment Station's virtual keyboard.
  • Have you arrived the nearest Selfpay Station? Follow the steps below:
  1. Select the Pay loan installments button
  2. Press the Credit Europe Bank button
  3. Scan or type the barcode on your bank statement
  4. Pay with cash or SelfPay receipt
  5. Payment has been recorded!

We advise you to keep the receipt issued by the Payment Station. Your credit card payment will be registered on your account on the same day. Exceptions are payments made after 22:00 pm on weekdays and payments made on weekends. To avoid late payments or penalties, make your payments considering this aspect.

Steps to be done in order to perform the payment:

Step 1

Press the Credit Europe Bank button.

Step 2

Choose an identification method: 1. scan or 2. enter the barcode manually

Step 3

If you chose option 1. from step 2, then scan the barcode on the account statement

Step 4

If you chose option 2. from step 2, then enter manually the barcode on the account statement

Step 5

Type the amount you want to pay.

Step 6

Pay with cash or SelfPay receipt.

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