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CardAvantaj Visa Platinum

CardAvantaj Visa Platinum

A jewelry gives grace and defines by style the one who wears it. An equally precious and distinguished card as a gem brings extra elegance, charm and functionality. CardAvantaj Visa Platinum is the gem card that fits your wishes and expectations.

Moreover, CardAvantaj Platinum issued under the Visa logo offers the advantage of making non-interest payment* purchases, while receiving a bonus for each transaction. In addition, the card can be used at any ATM or merchant in the country and abroad wherever the Visa logo is displayed.

*The zero interest applies if the total amount of payment is paid monthly, as evidenced in the statement issued by the bank.

About CardAvantaj Visa Platinum

  • You can apply WITHOUT INCOME DOCUMENTS to get a credit limit if your earnings derivate from salaries reported to the National Agency for Tax Administration (ANAF).

    Furthermore, in over 40 Credit Europe Bank branches and work points, after the Bank has performed the necessary checks in the ANAF database and the eligibility conditions are met, the card is handed over to you. If your earnings are not reported to the National Agency for Tax Administration (ANAF), you must submit the following documents*:

    • Income statement;
    • Certificate of income.

    * There may be situations where additional forms are required to provide credit.

  • The ability to pay 0% interest installments on products purchased from Credit Europe Bank's partner stores as follows:

    • Between 1 and 24 installments in the partner stores network;
    • Bonus for any type of transaction made in Romania or abroad, both commercial transaction and cash withdrawal from ATM - 0.3% of the value of each transaction will be placed in the bonus account;
    • Grace period of up to 45 days when interest is not collected for commercial transactions (including in the installment system);
    • The possibility to benefit from an unlimited credit period with the condition to pay the minimum monthly reimbursement;
    • Double functionality: In addition to accessing a credit limit granted by the bank, the cardholder may access to his own funds available on the card account;
    • Services available to cardholders abroad: phone support regarding the use of the card, replacement of the lost or stolen card, emergency emergency supply with an amount of money;
    • Possibility to request up to 5 supplementary cards.
  • Traveling insurance package:

    • Medical and legal insurance and assistance;
    • Medical consultancy programs;
    • Hospitalization;
    • Transportation in case of medical emergency;
    • Insurance in case of lost luggage;
    • Insurance in case of flight delay.

    Premium benefits when traveling abroad:

    • Access to over 1000 VIP Lounge or Business Lounge salons in over 500 cities through Priority Pass;
    • Free access to the "Business Lounge" at Cluj-Napoca International Airport;
    • Visa Premium Collection Privileges worldwide;
    • Emergency card replacement for loss / theft;
    • Emissment of emergency cash;
    • 24/7 support via CEBLine by calling the dedicated telephone line at 0750.202.020 (available from any fixed or mobile telephone network including international).
    • Free access for the cardholder and one guest inside the Business Lounge saloons of Otopeni, Cluj Napoca and Timisoara airports
    • Free access to the Business Class lounges is only available for cards that have registered transactions at the POS or online settled in the amount of at least 7500 lei in the last 30 days up to a maximum of 96 hours before entering the lounge.

               ●   The regulations for access to Henri Coanda International Airport are available here
               ●   The regulation for access to Timisoara airport is available here
               ●   The regulation for access to Cluj-Napoca airport is available here

    • Air Refund – Money reimbursement service in case of delay or flight cancellation offered to Visa Platinum cardholders
    • Bidroom – Access to one of the largest hotel booking aggregators, built specifically for Visa Platinum cardholders
    • Visa Global Wifi - Free access to over 1000 WIFI hotspots around the world through the partnership that Visa developed with Boingo
    • Luxury Hotels – Luxury Visa hotels collection in one place at the disposal of Visa Platinum cardholders 
    • National and international offers – Significant discounts at luxury shops, restaurants, museums, hotel chains, both in the country and abroad.
    • Possibility of crediting the card account at Credit Europe Bank ATMs with "cash in" function;
    • The ability to change the PIN code free of charge at any ATM in the world that offers this function;
    • Possibility to change the PIN code free of charge at any POS of Credit Europe Bank branches or by calling the CEBLine service (directly from the menu);
    • The ability to freely perform a balance enquiry at any ATM in the world that offers this function or by calling the CEBLine service (directly from the menu);
    • Get FREE Mini account statements from Credit Europe Bank ATMs;
    • Communicating the minimum amount due for payment by monthly SMS.
  • You can enjoy the advantages of installment payment in the network of Credit Europe Bank partner shops. Thus, you can make transactions in shops from different areas: fashion, tourism agencies, insurances, furniture, beauty saloons, electronics/ IT&C, decorations, health, supermarket, gas stations, etc.

    • Check here the updated list with the addresses of CardAvantaj partner stores; you can also find information about ongoing campaigns;
    • In addition to the installments payment, you can now use your credit card issued by Credit Europe Bank for online buying. E-shopping also offer great flexibility;
    • You can trade at any time, merchants' products and services from a click away without having to go shopping. In addition, you will receive a 0.3% bonus from the transaction value. An increased attention has been paid to security of transactions for online shopping, and therefore all CardAvantaj and non-partner stores (if available) are enrolled in the 3D Secure (Mastercard Secure Code and Verified by Visa) security system.
    • You will receive a bonus of 0.3% from the value of each commercial transactions made for the payment of goods and services, both through POS terminals and online environment, and also for ATM cash withdrawals, in Romania or abroad. The bonus will be found on your bonus account, separately from the credit limit.
    • The bonus can afterwards be used for a new transaction at any CardAvantaj partner store with a POS device of Credit Europe Bank. All you have to do is communicate that you wish to make the payment from the bonus account;
    • Moreover, you will receive a bonus even for the transactions made from the bonus account. This way, for any type of transaction made at CardAvantaj's partner stores, you will be rewarded by Credit Europe Bank for using CardAvantaj;
    • Bonus value is our gift because you have used CardAvantaj. The bonus can not be withdrawn from cash at the ATM, nor can it be used to pay off the credit used; its value is highlighted in each monthly statement issued. The value of the bonus is our gift for using CardAvantaj. The bonus can not be withdrawn from cash at the ATM, nor can it be used to pay off the used credit; its value is highlighted in the account statement monthly issued. 
    • The following transactions are not considered commercial transactions: cash withdrawals made at Bank cashiers, top-up an account, card, application, money transfer through and from an Internet application or transactions with the purpose of transferring money.
    • In order to facilitate your refund (if you do not wish to reimburse the total used amount within the period of grace) Credit Europe Bank offers you the possibility to reimburse monthly only the minimum amount of 3% of the value of the transactions highlighted in the account statement issued at the end of each month plus 100% interest and related fees (if any);
    • With the issuing of the account statement, Credit Europe Bank sends you a free SMS with the minimum amount to be paid;
    • The credit limit granted on the card is revolving, and the reimbursed amounts are redeemed on the card account.
    • Come to any Credit Europe Bank branch;
    • Apply online here;
    • Call to CEBLine: 0750,000,000 / 0724,100,000 (available to any network) or 0801,000,000 (Telekom network) and our operators will be available to guide you in obtaining a card;
    • Here you find out how to apply through CEBLine for CardAvantaj.
  • You benefit from increased security for online transactions through credit cards issued by Credit Europe Bank. Transactions made through CardAvantaj cards give you exceptional flexibility and enhanced security through the implementation of 3D Secure Protocol. You can trade at any time, merchants' products and services being just a click away without having to go shopping. In addition you will receive a 0.3% bonus from the transaction value.

    • What is 3D Secure? 3D Secure is a security standard developed by Mastercard and VISA that gives you the ability to use an extra password, for online payments only, to prevent fraud attempts. This password will be requested every time you want to make an online transaction to the virtual stores, at merchants enrolled in the 3D Secure standard via credit cards issued by Credit Europe Bank.

    This way we meet the requirements of developing a trustworthy way of payment, eliminating the risk of fraud by copying payment instrument identification data or randomly generating card numbers for usage on the Internet. Moreover, credit cards issued by Credit Europe Bank are automatically activated for Mastercard SecureCode/Verified by VISA and are distinguished by a higher security standard, simply because the authentication - when purchasing products or services on the Internet - is done through a unique, dynamic password. You will receive this password via SMS whenever you want to make a transaction. For the security of online shopping, try to buy products from 3D Secure merchants who display Mastercard Secure Code and Verified by VISA.


  • In order to eliminate any possibility of fraud with card transactions over the Internet, all credit cards issued by Credit Europe Bank are initially blocked for on-line transactions. In order to be able to pay online, cardholders can activate this service by calling CEBLine on tel.: 0750.000.000 / 0724.100.000 (call numbers from any network) or 0801.000.000 (Telekom fixed telephony network), and the activation is done directly from the phone menu, without discussing with a representative of the Bank. The service is available non-stop and phone calls have the standard costs.

    Here you find out how to activate your online payments through CEBLine.

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Attached documents

  • Income statement
  • Certificate of income
  • List of fees, commissions and interests