Land 1,895 sqm + villa and annexes

Property code: WOPJ_TC292

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Ownership of the bank

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Land and residential building




Curtea de Arges

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Residential property consisting of land with an area of ​​1,895 sqm, out of which 556 sqm building land and 1,339 sqm arable land, together with C1 -dwelling with an area built on the ground of 53 sqm, C2 - house with an area built on the ground of 34 sqm, C3 - annex with ground floor surface 36 sqm, C4 - annex with a built-up area of ​​58 sqm. Address: Just 15 km from Curtea de Argeș and 35 km from Lake Vidraru - Cicănești Commune, Cicănești village no. 16, Argeș county. Street opening: about 49 ml. Type of area: Residential area composed of houses / villas and free land. Access in the area is realized by means of personal motor vehicles and public transportation nearby. Universities nearby, educational units, medical units and cultural institutions. Utility: electricity, water, sewerage, fossils, telephony. House C1 was built around. in 2011, having a height regime: GF + E and a surface of 106 sqm. The building has the following constructive system: Reinforced concrete foundation, resistance structure is made of concrete poles and beams, brick partition walls and closing walls perimeter of brick, reinforced concrete floor above the ground floor. Aquarious roof type wood covered with tile. Exterior finishes: thermosystem and paint in washable paint. Electrical installations, sanitary (water - mains + own source) and water installations drawn in bathrooms and kitchen, canal - septic tank; The heating is done by means of a solid fuel thermal plant; installation from the pax; Radiant bodies in the table. Current state: good. Interior: C1 - Ground-Partitioning: Living room, kitchen, bathroom and tehnical room; laminate flooring + living room tiles; tiles in kitchen and bathroom; Cement in technical room; Window joinery: PVC with double-glazed windows; a PVC access door and insulating glass and one accessing the tehnical room also made of PVC and thermopan glass. Finishing interior walls: paint in washable paint in the living room; ceramic tiles in the kitchen and bathroom. Simple plasters in the tehnical room. Finishing quality: superior. C1- Floor- Partitioning: 2 bedrooms, hallway and bathroom. Access from the ground floor upstairs is made by means of an external concrete staircase with ceramic tiles and iron handles, C2- the old dwelling wood; Roof-tiled roof with wooden cover; It shows floors from the earth and old painting. The carpentry is made of wood. It has electrical power. C3- annex (basement) - made of concrete; concrete roof inclined roof. It does not show finishes and does not have utilities. The carpentry is made of PVC. C4 - wood storehouse - wooden; structure on metallic pipes; wood roofing roofing with onduline cover. It does not show finishes and does not have utilities.

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