Receivables Finacing

Transform a term cash collection into a immediate cash collection. This is our ultra rapid solution for improving you company cash-flow.

Receivable financing is a credit line designed for payments to:

  • Suppliers (Row materials, merchandise aquisition, etc.)
  • Utilities (energy, gas, phone/communication, etc.)
  • Taxes for State Budget
  • Salaries
  • Credits with any destination from other banks (refinancing)
  • Maturity: credit line maturity is maximum 12 months, with utilisations within this perriod according to documents
  • Amount: up to 25% of the yearly turnover
  • 0% commission for unutilised amounts
  • Fast aproval of the credit line


  • Financial stability
  • Experience in the domain at least one year
  • No overdue credits
  • No CIP Incidents

Main collateral:

  • Promissory notes,
  • Invoices

Necessary documents:

  • Last two yearly/half-year balance sheets registered in Financial Administration
  • Last ballance sheet trial (not older than 3 months)
  • Juridical documents of the company
  • Documents of the collateral
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