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IRCC 01.10.2021 1.08000%
ROBOR 3 LUNI 26.11.2021 2.63000%
ROBOR 6 LUNI 26.11.2021 2.83000%
EURIBOR 6 LUNI 26.11.2021 -0.54200%
EURIBOR 12 LUNI 26.11.2021 -0.49800%

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Tools for importers

  • The documentary incasso is a facility through which the exporter can obtain the payment for the exported goods (or a payment commitment at maturity) through the banks. Documents relating to the exported goods are transferred to the importer's bank via the exporter's bank. The importer pays the goods immediately or at a future date and uses the documents to take possession of the goods.

    Operation of the import incasso

    • Facilitating payments: The exporter handles the documents to the importer via his bank and the importer pays the goods only upon receipt of the documents evidencing the export. The bank of the importer collects the funds from it and makes the payment to the exporter in accordance with the instructions received from its bank.
    • Banks act as agents: The Importer's bank is primarily responsible to the exporter for handling documents, even if the exporter is not a customer. Acceptance of the bill of exchange or the promissory note constitutes the formal acceptance of the importer's debt to the exporter. In some cases, documents are issued to the importer only after a payment guarantee has been issued by the importer's bank.


    • Safety: The Incasso Documentar payment method assumes that the goods are delivered to the importer without usually requiring advance payment or warranties. The importer will only pay when the bank receives documentary evidence of the export.
    • Control: The payment decision belongs to the importer.
    • Access to commercial credits: The documentary incasso can provide access to cheap commercial credit. Exporters are often more willing to extend payment deadlines when the importer is ready to formally accept the bill of exchange or to issue a promissory note, endorsed (guaranteed) by the importer's bank.
    • Eligibility: Available to all importers
  • Letters of credit (also known as documentary credits) are one of the most used payment methods in international trade and can be used for any range of goods and services. Letters of credit provide the seller with the assurance that the value of the exported goods and the buyer will be secured that the payment will be made only under the terms of the letter of credit.

    Import letter of credit operation

    • Warranty and, at the same time, conditional payment. The letter of credit is a conditional payment guarantee provided to the exporter by the importer's bank. The payment guarantee is conditional on the submission of documents proving the delivery of the goods in strict accordance with the terms and conditions of the letter of credit. Banks are independent of the relationship between the exporter and the importer and are not involved in the delivery of the goods.
    • Terms of Letter of Credit: The Importer's bank assumes responsibility for the payment of the exporter and authorizes payment only for documents submitted by the exporter in strict accordance with the terms and conditions of the letter of credit. Letters of credit are usually irrevocable, which means they cannot be modified or canceled without the approval of the parties, including the seller.
    • International Standards: Documents submitted to banks must meet the specific requirements of the letter of credit and must also comply with the Uniform Letter of Credit and Terms of Use established by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). Standards required by the ICC rules ensure the uniform processing of letters of credit by the vast majority of banks in the world.

    Advantages of letters of credit

    • Safety: An importer has the assurance that his bank will authorize payment only for documents that meet the terms and conditions of the letter of credit. If the documents do not match, the bank must obtain the importer's consent before making the payment.
    • Facilitates obtaining commercial credits: The Importer's bank guarantees the exporter to pay either immediately or at a certain maturity after receiving the compliant documents. The ability of letters of credit to guarantee payment in the future may allow the importer to negotiate deferred payment terms with the exporter. For example, the exporter's payment can be made 60 days after the delivery date of the delivery note by the importer's bank or 90 days from the date of delivery of the transport document.
    • Eligibility: All Credit Europe Bank (Romania) SA customers, provided they have a credit line approved by the bank.
  • A warranty issued by the importers or a Standby L / C are facilities whereby the importer's bank guarantees to the exporters a payment of a certain amount of money. A request for payment may be made by an exporter to the importer's bank when the goods have been delivered but have not been paid under the contract.

    Operation of the guarantee issued by the importer

    Guarantee of receipt of funds

    The exporter shall receive in writing the payment order of the importer's bank to pay a certain amount of money upon receipt of the exporter's written request stating that the goods have been delivered but not paid by the importer. These guarantees can be paid at the simple request or may require the submission of certain documents. Payment requests may not be higher than the amount declared by the bank of the importer under the guarantee.

    Safety in trade

    The guarantee issued from the importer's order is used more frequently when the importer has a permanent supply contract as well as deferred payment terms agreed with the exporter - eg when an importer buys monthly EUR10,000 merchandise with payment 60 days after delivery . In this case, the guarantee is in fact a standby and ensures payment to the exporter.


    • Safety: A letter of guarantee issued by the importer from Credit Europe Bank (Romania) S.A. ensures the regular delivery of goods, as the supplier is sure to receive the full amount that the importer's bank has pledged to pay by guarantee.
    • Facilitates obtaining commercial credit: An importer may use the benefit of the security provided by the warranty issued in his order in order to obtain more favorable prices or payment terms from the supplier. This could be cheaper than using an overdraft to pay for the goods in advance or immediately after receiving them.
    • Eligibility: This product is available to all Credit Europe Bank (Romania) S.A. customers, provided they have a credit line approved by the bank.

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