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Credit Europe Bank Romania launches Avantaj SoftPOS, a POS solution designed as a smartphone app for the merchants

7 June 2022

Credit Europe Bank Romania responds to Romanian businesses’ need for digitalization and launches Avantaj SoftPOS, the app that offers merchants a quick and secure method to receive payments directly from the mobile phone. The bank’s merchant clients can now turn any Android smartphone into a POS terminal with this service available in Romanian and English. It can be obtained rapidly from Google Play by the merchants who choose to become CEB customers and offers a smooth payment experience both for the client and the retailer.

Mobility and digitalization are essential for any retail business and that’s why Avantaj SoftPOS offers 3 essential benefits to each app user and its customers: payment is quickly processed, is completely secure and accepts any card issued under the Visa and Mastercard logos. Avantaj SoftPOS works precisely like a classic contactless POS. To process a transaction, the payment amount is entered, and the card is brought close to the mobile device on which the application is installed. The PIN code is entered and in just a few seconds the receipt is displayed – which can be sent by e-mail/sms – and the amount is charged. If needed, the transactions can be quickly canceled directly from the application. Avantaj SoftPOS achieves the highest security standards, just like any other payment solutions from Credit Europe Bank.

„Credit Europe Bank is once again at the forefront of the banking segment and amongst the first banks in Romania to introduce this safe and efficient payment solution for merchants. Avantaj SoftPOS is the application that increases the competitiveness of businesses from several domains like courier and delivery services, mobility services, distributors collecting payments from their network and others. We want to offer solutions that integrate state-of-the-art technology to individuals as well as to retailers who want to be one step ahead with the help of digitalization. With Avantaj SoftPOS, our customers can benefit from the experience of contactless payments in a secure and fast way, all with an Android compatible smartphone”, said Antar Turgay, Chief Cards Officer Credit Europe Bank Romania.

About Credit Europe Bank

In Romania, Credit Europe Bank provides a wide range of products and services to individuals, SMEs and corporations. Credit Europe Bank has opened a new chapter in digitalization and technology, relaunching the institution's website, introducing Apple Pay and Google Pay, launching a new Internet Banking interface and the first mobile application for credit cards in the Bank's portfolio.

A member of the Dutch financial group Credit Europe Bank NV, the Bank has been active since 1993, when it operated as the Industrial and Commercial Credit Bank, becoming Finansbank (in 2000) and then, in 2007, following a rebranding process, receiving the name of Credit Europe Bank Romania.

More information about the bank’s products and services can be found on www.crediteurope.ro and www.cardavantaj.ro.