CEB has relaunched the institution's website and opens a new chapter on digitization with Zitec

4 April 2019

Credit Europe Bank relaunched at the beginning of this month the bank's website developed by Zitec, leader on the IT market in Romania. In addition to the user-friendly design and easy-to-use, intuitive user interface, the new portal, which the bank's clients can access to the already-known address,, has a number of visible enhancements that help thousands of customers who access the platform on any type of device daily: desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

With the relaunch of the platform, Credit Europe Bank aims to open a new chapter on the digitization and technology of the banking institution. "Our new website is an important step that marks the beginning of a digital development strategy. If in 2016, together with Zitec, we re-launched the platform which proved to be a real, today with the help of our traditional Zitec partners, we move to another level: the relaunching of the website, a portal that now acquires new valences for our customers”, declared Yakup Çil,  CEO of Credit Europe Bank.

Thus, after the launch of the two modern gadgets (AVANTAJ2go and OPTIMO2go contactless stickers and contactless bracelets) attached to the CardAvantaj and Optimo Card credit cards, new projects and further developments that will integrate an important digital component will follow.

Being a project started on the latest versions of the Symfony and PHP Framework, the new website successfully assures the bank's security needs. The new developments use a secure local storage method on their own servers, avoiding any security breach.

"We are already at the third project developed with the Credit Europe team and we are glad to support them in the process of digitization and technology of the institution by launching the Credit Europe Bank presentation platform and a new internal management tool of generating leads for their own brands - CardAvantaj & OptimoCard”, said Alexandru Lăpușan, CEO of Zitec.

About Credit Europe Bank Romania

In Romania, Credit Europe Bank provides a large number of products and services for individuals, SMEs and corporations, through a network consisting of 47 branches, agencies and working points.

In 2018, Credit Europe Bank (Romania) SA celebrated 25 years of existence on the local market. The CardAvantaj credit card is one of the most representative products of the bank due to its benefits introduced for the first time at its launching to the local cards market.

Member of the Credit Europe Bank NV Dutch financial group, the bank has been active since 1993, when it operated under the name Commercial and Industrial Credit Bank, subsequently becoming Finansbank (2000) and then, in 2007, following a rebranding process, receiving the Credit Europe Bank Romania naming.

Further information about the bank's products and services is available at, and


About Zitec

One of the leading companies in the IT industry in Romania, with offices in Bucharest and Brașov, Zitec is specialized in the development of business solutions, business services and customized tech products, as well as digital marketing services.

Zitec is one of the few local companies certified by Microsoft ISV Gold, Microsoft Cloud Gold, Amazon AWS Technology Partner and Google Cloud.

Last year, Zitec was ranked in Top 3 of the most appreciated employers in Romania, according to the website and was included in the "Top IT Employers to work for" by Biz Magazine. In 2018, the services provided by Zitec to the client "PPT - Prețuri pentru tine" brought them the "Client of the Year" award, for digital marketing services the company was featured by Forbes in the top of digital agencies in Romania, while the #cei1024 – the blood donation at the office campaign launched by Zitec at national level won the “Best Internal CSR Project” at “Oameni pentru Oameni” Gala in 2017, “CSR Initiative of the Year” at Romanian Outsourcing & Shared Services Awards and “CSR Program of the Year” at ANIS Gala in 2018 and 2019.