CEB launched Optimo Card, the consumer finance for shopping, with extended number of rates, up to 3 years

11 February 2016

With Optimo Card, the newest consumer finance for shopping, Credit Europe Bank's customers can acquire high value goods, at affordable installments and an interest rate of 19%. Optimo Card is an innovative product that offers the customers the opportunity to pay, during a longer period, in 18, 24 or 36 installments, the purchases done both online and offline.

"Optimo Card represents a new step that Credit Europe Bank Romania makes on the market in order to consolidate its position as an expert in the cards sector", said Engin Alaybayoglu, Vice President of Credit Europe Bank. With this launch, Optimo Card adds to the cards portfolio with financing lines for shopping, that Credit Europe Bank makes available to its customers. The bank's portfolio also includes CardAvantaj, the first interest-free installment shopping card launched in Romania.

The product emerged from the needs identified in the market and aims to offer the customers revolving credit type consumer finance, when acquiring goods of higher value, which can be bought in installments, over the course of 2 or 3 years. It combines both the valences of a consumer finance and the flexibility of a credit card.

Optimo Card is a product that brings consumer finance for instore shopping to the client, very convenient and transparent in terms of total costs. "We are launching on the market a product that costs less, compared to the existing alternatives, and that includes visible fees and charges. We know that Optimo Card will be the first option for any customer needing such a financial product, after acquiring info with regards to all the other financial options available on the market", continued Mr. Alaybayoglu.

With the new product, the customers do not need to access consumer finance in 2-3 different locations in order to purchase what they want. They have thus but only one product which gives access to all shopping needs.

Another advantage of the new product, offered by Credit Europe Bank, is the fact that, unlike other means of financing that can be used only inside a store, with Optimo Card customers can do also online shopping.

Those who want such a card, can get one instantly in 36 branches, out of the bank's network, if the conditions of eligibility are met after the necessary verifications in the ANAF database. For a credit limit of up to 6000 ron, the card can be obtained without any income documentation. In addition, as the rates are returned, the client restores the amount of money available for shopping, at one of the best interests on the consumer finance market.

Optimo Card clients can enjoy shopping in an extensive network of merchant partners of Credit Europe Bank. Thus, they may do transactions in the most famous and popular stores in various fields such as: electronics / appliances, IT & C, furniture, construction, DIY and interior design, health, etc.

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