Open Bank Project PSD2


Symbol BNR Buy Sell
EUR 4,9445 4,8700 5,0200
USD 4,3401 4,2800 4,4300
GBP 5,9102 5,8400 6,0200
CHF 4,7457 4,7400 4,8000
SEK 0,4795 0,4440 0,4980
100 JPY 3,7850 3,7600 3,9200

* Current account exchange rates

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Natural person 1 month* 3 months
EUR 0,2% 0,3%
RON 1,25% 1,45%

* Current account exchange rates

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Index Last update Rate
IRCC 01.01.2022 1.17000%
ROBOR 3 LUNI 19.01.2022 3.05000%
ROBOR 6 LUNI 19.01.2022 3.20000%
EURIBOR 6 LUNI 19.01.2022 -0.52400%
EURIBOR 12 LUNI 19.01.2022 -0.46800%
ROBOR 3 LUNI 18.01.2022 3.05000%
ROBOR 6 LUNI 18.01.2022 3.20000%
EURIBOR 6 LUNI 18.01.2022 -0.52300%

* Current account exchange rates

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The new PSD2 regulation paves the way for Open Banking

By applying the Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2), Credit Europe Bank creates mechanisms to enable third-party providers, technically called Third Party Providers (TPPs), to work securely, reliably and quickly with bank services and data in the name and consent of their customers.

In the process of transition to "Open Banking", Credit Europe Bank offers TPP providers access to the APIs (Application Programming Interface) published by the Berlin Group through a version of Sandbox in accordance with the provisions of EU Directive 2015/2366.

With Open Banking, applications and dashboards will be available that will allow users to manage different current accounts in a single easy-to-use interface. The new directive gives you the opportunity to come up with new software solutions, which offer additional value to you and your customers. After meeting the regulatory requirements and obtaining the license to provide payment services from the national regulatory authority, you will be able to register on our portal and subscribe to your company's applications to consume various sets of production APIs. Without a license, you can prepare and test your applications with our sandbox portal.

Attaced Documents

  • User guide for TPP in the production environment