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All bank properties included in this category are offered to you at the best prices. Whether it's land, appartments or commercial spaces, Credit Europe Bank proposes you the owner's conditions without any intermediaries or additional costs.

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Intravilan land 1813 sqm Baia Mare

County: Maramures, City: Baia Mare
Direct Sale
76,100 EUR

Intravilan land 3000 sqm Mihai Bravu area

County: Bucuresti, City: Bucuresti
Direct Sale
2,500,000 EUR

Extra-urban land 1000 sqm Frumusani commune

County: Calarasi , City: Vasilati
9,000 EUR

Extra-urban land Medias

County: Sibiu , City: Medias
608,700 EUR

Intravilan land 16.690 sqm Bran Commune

County: Brasov , City: Sohodol
119,000 EUR

Intravilan land 2000 sqm Targu Neamt

County: Neamt , City: Targu Neamt
13,500 EUR

Intravilan land 4059 sqm Deva , Zavoi area

County: Hunedoara, City: Deva
145,000 EUR

Intravilan land 2720 sqm Niculesti

County: Dambovita, City: Niculesti
12,400 EUR

Intravilan land 622 sqm Paleu, Livezi area

County: Bihor , City: Paleu
7,500 EUR


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