The OPTIMO2go contactless Sticker and Bracelet – the new Credit Europe Bank gadgets

13 March 2019

After the launch of the AVANTAJ2go gadgets attached to the CardAvantaj credit card, Credit Europe Bank Romania adds new gadgets to its offer and meets the customers of the credit card Optimo Card with the OPTIMO2go contactless Sticker and Bracelet.

Similar to the AVANTAJ2go gadgets, through the OPTIMO2go Sticker and Bracelet the customers can perform transactions both inside the country and abroad, at contactless terminals, using the funds available in the Optimo Card account. The gadgets are based on chip and contactless technology, thus offering the possibility of fast, simple and secure payments, working like a supplementary contactless credit card.

Optimo Card customers can diminish cash payments and can easily integrate the gadgets in their day to day life, eliminating the need to have their wallets in possession all the time. The Sticker can be placed on flat surfaces such as the smartphone and the bracelet can fit an active life style. By using these new products, customers can reduce the waiting time on cashier lines in supermarkets, gas stations and any other locations, by paying fast for their purchases, thus successfully replacing cash payments.

Being used exclusively for contactless payments, through the sticker and bracelets no installment payments can be made; thus, any transaction performed with the OPTIMO2go Sticker or the Bracelet will be fully included in the next statement of the customer’s Optimo Card. Although the gadgets don’t offer the possibility of performing transactions in installments, the bank may offer this benefit within promotional campaigns for a limited period of time. Such a campaign is available at this time, as a special offer for the launch of the products.

The Bracelet is available in black, whereas the Sticker is available in two colors: black and grey. Both gadgets benefit of special launching campaigns, for new Optimo Card customers as well as for the existing ones. More details about the gadgets and the launching campaigns are available here

About Credit Europe Bank

In Romania, Credit Europe Bank provides a large number of products and services for individuals, SMEs and corporations, through a network consisting of 47 branches, agencies and working points.

In 2018, Credit Europe Bank (Romania) SA celebrated 25 years of existence on the local market. The CardAvantaj credit card is one of the most representative products of the bank due to its benefits introduced for the first time at its launching to the local cards market.

Member of the Credit Europe Bank NV Dutch financial group, the bank has been active since 1993, when it operated under the name Commercial and Industrial Credit Bank, subsequently becoming Finansbank (2000) and then, in 2007, following a rebranding process, receiving the Credit Europe Bank Romania naming.

Further information about the bank's products and services is available at, and