Restructuring of loans in CHF by Credit Europe Group decreased, on average, the monthly payment obligations of clients by 20%

3 March 2016

Credit Europe Group has already restructured more than 1000 of its clients’ Swiss franc loans (CHF). Of this total, 30% of the loans were restructured in 2015, as a result of sustained efforts to provide quick solutions to customers in financial difficulty. The restructuring operations, which exclude any cost for the client, reduced, on average, the monthly payment obligations, by 20%.

“Serving our customers’ needs always starts with a good knowledge of their needs. The better we know them, the better we can analyze the potential alternatives to meet them”, Credit Europe Group officials say. “The solutions offered are every time in line with the current payment capability of the customer, which our institutions evaluates on the basis of the documents made available by the customers”.

From a desire to better understand customer needs from this perspective, a HOTLINE (+4021. 406. 50. 60) was recently established. Here, customers with Swiss franc loans (CHFs) who need and want to access tailored solutions will be able to benefit more easily from a channel of communication with the institution’s representatives.

 By accessing this dedicated hotline, customers can begin discussing and analyzing potential alternatives to address their needs. “We analyze the situation of each client and identify, as far as possible, the best personalized solutions, on a case-by-case basis”, comment Credit Europe Group officials.

Because of the adverse effects of the CHF-RON exchange rate, Credit Europe Group has already put in place a series of measures to overcome the financial difficulties that the client has crossed, including lowering the interest rate and grace period for principal payments.

“Our institution is fully committed to finding, together with our customers, appropriate solutions for each individual situation in such a way that their financially difficulties are relieved and can continue to benefit from their properties”, concluded Credit Europe Group officials.

About Credit Europe Bank 

Credit Europe Bank has over 15 years of experience in the Romanian banking sector. Since it was founded, the Bank's vision has always been to be the bank of choice in Romania. Therefore, setting standards for excellence in banking while maximizing the benefits of clients, employees and shareholders show's that the bank's mission tends towards achieving this vision. Credit Europe Bank (Romania) SA is offering a complete range of banking products and services to both corporate and retail customers through 57 service points in which specialized personnel are employed and alternative distribution channels consisting of ATMs, POS, Call Center and Internet Banking.

Credit Europe Bank's biggest contribution to Romania banking sector is CardAvantaj, an innovative product for the Romanian market when it was launched. CardAvantaj started in 2003 as a proprietary credit card with usage restricted to a shopping mall only, and is now an international credit card issued under MasterCard and Visa license. Throughout the years CardAvantaj has been a pioneer bringing unique features and innovative promotional methods to the Romanian market.The partners' network includes a wide range of retailers covering most important international and local brands. CardAvantaj is rewarded as the best credit card of Romania in 2004, 2008 and 2009. 

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