Credit Europe Bank suspends the initiation of foreclosure proceedings and offers customized solutions to clients with mortgages upon request

19 March 2020

In the current general context, Credit Europe Bank Romania supports its individual clients who have mortgages and are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic with the possibility to postpone their rates upon request. The Bank also implements an additional protection measure and decides to suspend the initiation of new foreclosure procedures for individual clients.

In the case of individual clients who have mortgages and are directly affected by the epidemic of COVID-19 in paying their installments, Credit Europe Bank offers solutions on a case-by-case analysis, based upon client request, with the client being informed afterwards of the steps and necessary documentation for each separately request received.

Credit Europe Bank also recommends that customers use alternative online channels (such as Internet Banking) to avoid moving to CEB units where it is allowed access to a maximum of 3 customers at the same time in the given context and to call the CEBLine call center service at 0801.000.000 (callable number from Telekom Romania network) or 0750.000.000 (callable number from any fixed or mobile telephone network, including international), available non-stop.