Credit Europe Bank simplifies the applying procedure for CardAvantaj

13 October 2015

Credit Europe Bank offers unique benefits to the new CardAvantaj clients. New applicants for a CardAvantaj can obtain it extremely fast, without presenting any income statement papers. The clients can also benefit from quick analysis of their request - just 45 minutes - if they come in one of the 36 selected branches, receiving thus practically, the new card, on the spot.

Credit Europe Bank launches the most efficient and rapid way to take possession of a credit card for purchases, allowing payment in installments with 0% interest*. Those wanting a new CardAvantaj and record salary or pension income, may come to any out of the 36 selected branches of the bank, without any income statement documents. After the bank completed the necessary verifications within the ANAF database, and, if all eligibility requirements are met, the client can receive a credit limit of up to 6,000 lei.

"With a tradition of over 11 years on the market, CardAvantaj always meets the clients' needs and is constantly evolving. This unique way of getting the card fast, with branches offering the CardAvantaj on the spot and easy, without any income stating document, is a natural response to the demand we have identified on the market", said Gabriela Stanciu, Credit Cards Manager at Credit Europe Bank Romania.

Again, in 36 Credit Europe Bank branches, the analysis will be done with priority. Credit Europe Bank will offer a response to the client in 45 minutes, and if his request will be accepted, he will receive the CardAvantaj on the spot. Furthermore, the eligible clients will get a 45 lei bonus if the credit limit, for which they qualify, is allocated in more than 45 minutes.

"We chose to simplify the procedures for obtaining a CardAvantaj in order to offer our clients quick access to the most beloved installments card on the market and thus give them the possibility to buy a product or a service in no time from the moment when they decided to have it", added Gabriela Stanciu.

CardAvantaj is an interest free installment credit card that can be used in a network with over 9,500 partner shops across the entire country. For each transaction performed with the card, regardless if it is shopping or a cash redraw, the bank grants a bonus.

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*The zero interest applies if you pay monthly the total amount of the payment, as evidenced in your bank statement.

About Credit Europe Bank

Member of the Credit Europe Bank NV Dutch financial group, the bank is active since 1993 as Banca de Credit Comercial si Industrial, subsequently as Finansbank (2000), and later on, since 2007, following a rebranding process, under the name Credit Europe Bank Romania.

Credit Europe Bank provides a large number of products and services in Romania for individuals, SMEs and corporations, through 57 branches, agencies and sales points, as well as through alternative distribution channels such as: ATMs, POSs, Internet and Phone Banking. In 2013, Credit Europe Bank (Romania) S.A. celebrated 20 years on the local market. 

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