Credit Europe Bank Romania supports the SOS Children's Village

29 December 2016

SOS Children's Villages Romania and Credit Europe Bank Romania has the pleasure to announce a new collaboration. Under this partnership, CEB Romania has supported throughout this year a series of activities of our child-care organization, as part of its Corporate Social Responsability strategy.

Member of the Duch financial group of Credit Europe Bank NV, Credit Europe Bank Romania approached SOS Children's Villages Romania with the initiative of contributing to the well-being and education of its beneficiaries, first with the ocasion of the Easter celebration and secondly near the time of Christmas.

For Easter, the bank had the inspiration and generosity to give up the traditional gifts for their collaborators and business partners in favor of SOS children and youngsters. Thanks to our new friends, the children that live in all the three SOS villages and Youth Facilities of the association had the opportunity to experience a real Easter holiday. The effort was repeated again during the Christmas time when Credit Europe Bank Romania expressed their desire to help again and we really felt that our partnership was growing stronger.

On both occasions, the children, who live in the SOS villages, manufactured small cards with greetings messages as a thank-you gift for those who decided to be close to them on these special occasions.

The involvement of Credit Europe Bank began in 2012, with a unique internal CSR action that was implemented by the bank's employees in order to support our activities. Through the project După faptă şi răsplată, the employees of Credit Europe Romania succeeded to convince their colleagues to donate for the cause of disadvantaged children, by developing "the stock-market of products and services" which could be acquired in return for a financial contribution. Their creative idea led to consistent help for the SOS children in Romania.

"Education is one of our directions when comes about the CEB's CSR strategy. Under these circumstances, becoming a partner with SOS Satele Copiilor, such a reputable NGO that, among others, provides education to children that are so much in need, came as a natural step," said Ramona Dumitru, PR and Communication Director, Credit Europe Bank Romania.

"We are extremely proud by a part of the civil and business society in our country. Through CSR programs and fiscal facilities, more companies are willing to support us in our daily efforts to ensure a healthy and secure environment for the children in the SOS villages. Credit Europe Bank is a trustworthy partner and I would like to personally congratulate the bank's pro-life and pro-education attitude. We would also like to wish Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the bank's partners and employees", stated Carmen Brumă, Head of Fundraising and Communication Department, SOS Children's Villages Romania.

About Credit Europe Bank

Member of the Credit Europe Bank NV Dutch financial group, the bank is active since 1993 as Banca de Credit Comercial si Industrial, subsequently as Finansbank (2000), and later on, since 2007, following a rebranding process, under the name Credit Europe Bank Romania.

Credit Europe Bank provides a large number of products and services in Romania for individuals, SMEs and corporations, through 57 branches, agencies and sales points, as well as through alternative distribution channels such as: ATMs, POSs, Internet and Phone Banking. In 2013, Credit Europe Bank (Romania) S.A. celebrated 20 years on the local market. 

Further information about the bank's products and services is available at and

About SOS Children's Villages

SOS Children's Villages Romania is a member of SOS Children's Villages International, an international, non-governmental social development organization that provides care, education and health services to children who have lost or who are at risk of losing parental care. SOS Children's Villages Romania takes care of over 1000 children in need, who have lost or are at risk of losing their biological family care. For 65 years in the world and for 24 years in Romania, we offer a safe family to children in need.

SOS mission is to develop alternative families where every child would benefit from unconditional love and respect. All the actions and projects of the association aim at providing “A loving home for every child”.