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Credit Europe Bank Romania implements the contactless functionality across its entire ATM network

28 February 2024

Credit Europe Bank continues the integration of digital banking solutions by introducing the contactless function throughout its ATMs. With this feature, Credit Europe Bank customers can perform transactions at ATMs with a simple tap of their card, phone, watch or other smart device equipped with NFC technology over the reader, regardless of the issuing bank of the card. This option is ideal for quick payments and cash withdrawals and is a fast and convenient way for customers to conduct their banking operations.

Credit Europe Bank offers a modern and simplified banking experience through its ATMs. In addition to cash withdrawals and balance inquiries, which can easily be done using ones phone or smartwatch (with the card enrolled in Apple Pay, Google Pay etc.), the Bank’s customers benefit from an extended range of options available just by bringing the physical card close to the contactless reader: depositing cash, requesting a statement showing the last 10 card transactions, paying credit card instalments and transfers to another account.

"We are delighted to implement the contactless function in our ATMs, offering our customers a faster, more convenient but secure way of banking", stated Antar Turgay, Chief Retail Banking Officer of Credit Europe Bank Romania. "This new addition to Credit Europe Bank's portfolio is just another step in the digitalization of the bank's services, through which we want to improve our customers' banking experience."

Contactless ATM transactions offer several security advantages, making them a convenient and safer option for customers, having as primary advantage the reduction in physical contact, thus eliminating the risk of skimming devices.


About Credit Europe Bank

In Romania, Credit Europe Bank provides a wide range of products and services to individuals, SMEs and corporations. Credit Europe Bank has opened a new chapter in digitalization and technology, introducing Apple Pay and Google Pay, launching monet, the new mobile banking app for all clients, as well as the Avantaj SoftPOS application, for merchants. At the same time, the institution's website was relaunched, a new version of the AVANTAJ2go mobile app was released and a new interface of the Internet Banking platform was presented.

A member of the Dutch financial group Credit Europe Bank NV, the Bank has been active since 1993, when it operated as the Industrial and Commercial Credit Bank, becoming Finansbank (in 2000) and then, in 2007, following a rebranding process, receiving the name of Credit Europe Bank Romania.

More information about the bank’s products and services can be found on www.crediteurope.ro and www.cardavantaj.ro.