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* Current account exchange rates

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Natural person 1 month* 3 months
EUR 0,2% 0,3%
RON 1,25% 1,45%

* Current account exchange rates

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Index Last update Rate
IRCC 01.01.2022 1.17000%
ROBOR 3 LUNI 21.01.2022 3.05000%
ROBOR 6 LUNI 21.01.2022 3.21000%
EURIBOR 6 LUNI 21.01.2022 -0.52100%
EURIBOR 12 LUNI 21.01.2022 -0.46000%
ROBOR 3 LUNI 20.01.2022 3.05000%
ROBOR 6 LUNI 20.01.2022 3.20000%
EURIBOR 6 LUNI 20.01.2022 -0.52400%

* Current account exchange rates

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You have ZERO COMMISSIONS* and up to 3.25% interest rates per year for fresh money** deposits.

In addition, you benefit of +0.1 pp interest rates at deposits made on the occasion of your birthday or name anniversary***.

* Account administration fee, cash deposit and withdrawal fee, amount collection fee from the account opened with another service provider and credit-payment transfer fee by bank transfer; valid, for a period of 6 months, for the accounts in lei of the clients that constitute deposits from new amounts** with a value of minimum 25,000 lei;

** "Fresh amounts / money in the client's accounts" means amounts that generate an increase in the total balance of the client's accounts compared to the one existing on 01.08.2020;

*** Deposits made up to 3 days before or after the anniversary of the birthday or name day (specified in the Campaign Regulations). Campaign valid until 11.03.2022 (this term can be extended in accordance with the Campaign Regulations presented on

Calculates the interest on the Term Deposit from Credit Europe Bank de la Credit Europe Bank

The figures presented are for informational purposes. For a detailed calculation, we expect you at any branch of Credit Europe Bank.

Deposits' calculator

The amount saved at the end period***
Earned as interest:

* "New amounts in customer accounts" means amounts that generate an increase of the total balance of customer accounts in lei. For deposits in lei, the balance of the client at the date of constituting the deposit will be compared with the one from 01.08.2020, minimum value 1,000 lei.

** Customers who select the customer category retired persons must prove this quality in the branch at the time of constituting the deposit.

*** The displayed amount is calculated after deduction 10% tax on interest income (tax rate valid only for natural persons resident in Romania. For foreign natural persons taxation percentage is different. For more information please visit any Credit Europe Bank branch).

**** Customers who make deposits with up to 3 days before or after the anniversary of their birthday or name, benefit from + 0.1pp.


  • Individual Persons - term deposits in RON with interest payment at maturity



    1 Month 1.25% -
    3 Months 1.45% 2.00%
    6 Months 1.75% 2.75%
    9 Months 1.75% 2.75%
    12 Months 2.25% 3.25%
    24 Months 2.30% -

    Minimum amount / deposits 1,000 LEI 


    Retired People - term deposits in RON with interest payment at maturity




    1 Month 1.40% -
    3 Months 1.60% 2.00%
    6 Months 1.90% 2.75%
    9 Months 1.90% 2.75%
    12 Months 2.40% 3.25%
    24 Months 2.45% -

    Minimum amount / deposits 1,000 LEI 

  • Individual Persons - term deposits in RON with monthly interest payment

    12 Months 2.10% 2.75%
    24 Months 2.15% -

    Minimum amount / deposits 1,000 LEI 

     Retired People - Term deposits in RON with monthly interest payment




    12 Months 2.25% 2.75%
    24 Months 2.30% -
    • The deposit may be constituted for any of the predefined terms;
    • Interests are fixed over the entire period of the deposit;
    • All deposits opened with Credit Europe Bank are guaranteed under the law by the Deposit
    • Guarantee Fund in the Banking System, up to EUR 100,000 per depositor for individuals;
    • Deposits can be automatically extended if money is to be kept for a long time at the bank; interest is capitalized or not, according to the preference of each;
    • For automatic deposit extensions, we guarantee you the bonus on the campaign until 11.03.2022.
    • You keep your savings safe;
    • Flexibility - different terms available;
    • Can be prolonged automatically;
    • BONUS guaranteed until 11.03.2022;
    • You will benefit from a personal banking adviser who will give you the best information on time deposits;
    • At the maturity of the deposit, your money is transferred from your deposit account to your current account, free of charge. From the current account, they can be picked up in one of the following ways:
      • raise Money from Credit Europe Bank Cashless Charge or,
      • for deposits made in ROL, if you have an active payroll card or assimilated to it (eg to collect the pension, the allowance, the income earned by the students, pupils, etc.), raise the money using the Visa Classic Debit / Mastercard Standard Debit from bank ATMs, free of charge.
    • Customers who have a birthday / name day during the Campaign will benefit from an additional bonus of 0.1 pp (bonus added to the promotional interest, valid for new money) if the deposit is made between [T-3, T + 3], where T - date of birth / religious holiday during the Campaign period *.
    • If the value of the deposit established based on the Campaign is greater than or equal to RON 25,000, the client will benefit from preferential commissions related to the current account, for 6 months as follows:
      • deposit fee in RON - 0 (standard is 0.1% min 2 RON)
      • commission for raising amounts in RON - 0 (standard is 0.3% min 2 RON)
      • transfers by bank transfer from clients of other Banks, in RON - 0 (standard is 2 RON for amounts <50,000 RON and 5 RON> 50,000 RON)
      • credit transfer - payments by bank transfer to customers of other Banks, in RON - 0 (standard is 0.15% min equivalent 8 RON for payments made in branches and 0.05% min equivalent 8, for payments made through IB)
      • administration fee - 0 (standard is RON 3).

    * The religious holidays for which the clients will be additionally subsidized are: Sf. Daniel – 18/12/2021 (Daniel, Dan, Daniela, Danut); Christmas – 25/12/2021 (Cristian, Cristna, Cristi, Christian, Christiana, Hristache, Hristea, Hristan, Cristea, Cristache, Cristiana); Sf. Stefan – 27/12/2021 (Stefan, Stefanel, Stefanut, Stefania, Stefana, Fanica, Fanuta, Fana, Fane); Sf. Vasile – 01/01/2022 (Vasile, Vasilica, Sica, Vasi, Sile, Silica); Sf. Ioan – 07/01/2022 (Ion, Ioana, Ionel, Nelu, Ionica, Nica, Ionut, Onut, Ionela, Nela, Oana);

    • The source of deposits creation is new amounts in the clients' accounts, coming from deposits / receipts during the Campaign. "New amounts in client accounts" means amounts that generate an increase in the total balance of client accounts. We will compare the customer's balance at the date of the deposit with the one existing on 01.08.2020;
    • Minimum amount of Lei 1,000;
    • Deposits are constituted through the branch network (the deposits created by CEBNet or CEBLine are not included in the campaign);
    • You can choose maturity of 3, 6, 9 or 12 months;
    • In order to open a term deposit, only the ID in original is needed.

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  • Campaign terms & conditions