Through the CEBLine service, you can perform bank operations on accounts held, whether they are debit or credit, any day of the week, 24 hours a day, by dialing the phone numbers: 0801.000.000 (Romtelecom's fixed network number) or 0750.000.000 / 0724.100.000 (call numbers from any fixed or mobile network, including international).

What is CEBLine?

With the CEBLine Customer Service offered by Credit Europe Bank, you are your own banker! From now on it is even easier to find your account balances or even to make transactions. Even if you can not get to a branch or you are not near a computer, you can now have information about the status of your accounts just by simply using your phone.

CEBLine is a banking service requested by the client over the phone. It works as

  • a soft application which records all the client's calls / requests - (VOICE RECORDER)
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) a sistem that takes over client request phone calls and:
    • Supplies the clients with banking informations;
    • Assistance for banking transactions.

Details about the service

  • A. Supplying the Bank's customers with information

    • General information regarding CEB network, bank products, etc (branches, ATM's, campaigns, products / services, interests rates, commissions, exchange rates);

    • Special information (relating to balances and details of all types of accounts belonging to the Bank's clients).

    B. Carrying out financial and non-financial banking operations

    • Financial banking operations:
      • Transfers and payments in national currency and in foreign currency;
      • Establishment / termination of term deposits;
      • Foreign exchange.
    • Non-financial banking operations:
      • Card lock for loss / theft;
      • Update personal customer data;
      • Define / modify access password CEBLine;
      • Unlock the CEBLine service.


  • Bank customers - Individuals.

  • Only for financial banking transactions - according to the Bank's list of commissions and fees.

  • Submit a written request in any Credit Europe Bank branch in order to activate the CEBLine service.


  • CEBLine User Guide
  • Standard interest, fees and commissions

Submit a written request in any Credit Europe Bank branch in order to activate the CEBLine service.

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