When you posses a sum of money, you believe it is better to keep it. If you keep it at home you will not benefit of interest, and, moreover, it is not absolutely safe.

With Credit Europe Bank term deposits you keep your economies safe and you increase their value!

  • Up to 3.50% intrest rates per year for deposits

    Up to 3.50% intrest rates per year for deposits

    The more you save, the more you get! You can start with some walnuts, but we recommend you to constitute a deposit in Lei The Interest rates are up to 3.50% per year for fresh amounts. read more

  • Deposits


    Credit Europe Bank offers you a product which can be adapted to your savings needs. You can choose the interest rate, maturity, deposited amount, acumulated interest or the currency for the deposit. read more

  • Avantaj savings account

    Avantaj savings account

    Avantaj - Savings Account from Credit Europe Bank has an interest comparable to the one of a term deposit, offering continuous access to your funds. Forget about your traditional saving ways! read more

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