Phone banking service always at your disposal, 24/7

CEBLine is a banking service requested by the client over the phone.

It works as

  • a soft application which records all the client's calls / requests - (VOICE RECORDER)
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) a sistem that takes over client request phone calls and:
    • Supplies the clients with banking informations
    • Asistance for banking transactions

What are the transactions offered by CEBLine?

A. Supplying the bank customers with information

  • General information regarding CEB network, bank products, etc (branches, ATM's, campaigns, products / services, interests rates, commissions, exchange rates)
  • Special information (referring at the balance of account and all types of accounts)

B. Financial and non-financial operations

  • Financial banking operations:
    • Transfers and payments can be made in national / foreign currency
    • Performing of opening / closing term deposits
    • Money exchange
  • Non-financial banking operations:
    • Blocking of the card if lost / stolen.
    • Update of client's personal data
    • Defining / modifying CEBLine access password
    • Deblocking CEBLine service


  • Bank customers - Individuals

Comisions and taxes

  • Only for banking transaction - According with the Bank's comission and taxes list


  • You benefit of free services for the informational support, as well as for the non-financial banking operations
  • You need to come to the Bank only once, when you contract the service
  • Banking transactions are done over the phone, without the filling in of any papers
  • To confirm your transactions, you can request from the bank the statement of the account
  • The service is available -24 hours a day, every day

How do you access CEBLine?

  • Submit a written request in any Credit Europe Bank branch in order to activate the CEBLine service.
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