CardAvantaj MasterCard Platinum PayPass

CardAvantaj MasterCard Platinum PayPass is a credit card as precious and distinguished as a jewelry that brings you elegance, charm and functionality. More details on

Benefits of CardAvantaj MasterCard Platinum PayPass credit card

Insurance package offered by CardAvantaj MasterCard Platinum PayPass:

  • Medical and legal insurance and assistance;
  • Medical consultancy programs;
  • Hospitalization;
  • Transportation in case of medical emergency;
  • Insurance in case of lost luggage;
  • Insurance in case of flight delay.

Premium advantages:

  • Generous credit limit, up to 135,000 lei;
  • Access to over 600 VIP Lounge or Business Lounge salons in over 100 airports through Priority Pass program;
  • Emergency card replacement in case of lost/stolen card;
  • Emergency cash advance;
  • 24 hour assistance through CEBLine.
  • The possibility to pay in up to 24 installments for products purchased from Credit Europe Bank partner shops network.

  • Bonus for any type of transaction made in Romania or abroad, both commercial and cash withdrawals from ATMs- 0.3% of the value of each transaction will be found in the bonus account.

  • Free access in the "Business Lounge Saloons" in the Cluj-Napoca International Airport.

  • Offering grace period of up to 45 days when no interest is collected for commercial transactions (including in the installment system).
  • The possibility to benefit of an unlimited credit period with the condition of paying the minimum monthly reimbursement of 5% of the total amount used from the credit line.
  • Double functionality - credit/debit: besides access to a credit limit granted by the bank, the card holder has access to his own funds available on the card account.
  • The possibility to choose the account statement issuing date (7, 20 or the last day of the month)
  • Services available to card holders who are abroad: assistance by phone regarding the use of card, the replacement of lost or stolen card, emergency supply with an amount of money.
  • The possibility to request up to 5 supplementary cards. Give your beloved ones the perfect opportunity to discover the pleasure of shopping with installment payment and bonus for each transaction. You can apply for a supplementary card for your spouse, parents, children (minimum age 18 years) or any of your friends. The access to the credit line may be granted up to a percentage you chose.
  • Changing the PIN code at Credit Europe Bank ATMs.
  • Obtaining mini account statements from Credit Europe Bank ATMs.
  • Communicating the minimum amount due for payment by monthly SMS.

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Where can I buy with payment in installments?

You can enjoy the advantages of shopping with payment in installments in the network of Credit Europe Bank partner shops. Thus, you can make transactions in shops from different areas: fashion, tourism agencies, insurances, furniture, beauty saloons, electronics/ IT&C, decorations, health, supermarket, gas stations, etc.
You may consult the permanently updated list of Credit Europe Bank partner shops on where you can also find information about all available cards and about the campaigns in progress.
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What is the bonus and how can it be used?

For each type of transaction made in Romania or abroad (transactions at merchants or cash withdrawals at ATM) you will receive a bonus of 0.3% from its value. The bonus will be found on your bonus account, separately from the credit limit.
The bonus can afterwards be used for a new transaction in any Credit Europe Bank partner shop. All you have to do is to say that you want to pay from the bonus account
Moreover, you will receive bonus, even for transactions made in the bonus account. In this way, you will be rewarded by Credit Europe Bank for using CardAvantaj
The value of the bonus is our gift for using CardAvantaj. The Bonus can not be withdrawn in cash from the ATM nor can it be used to pay for the used credit. Its value is shown in the account statement monthly issued.

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What is the interest paid for the credit limit used?

  • 0% interest for shopping with payment in installments if you reimburse the total installment within the grace period of up to 45 days.
  • 0% interest for transactions made at any merchant from the country or abroad which displays the MasterCard logo (outside of the installment system) if you reimburse the total used amount within the grace period.
  • 2, 33% interest/month for cash withdrawals from any ATM, interest calculated from the day of the transaction.
  • 2, 33% interest/month for retail transactions in the installments system at partner merchants as well as at merchants outside the installment system, interest calculated after the end of the grace period.

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When do I have to pay?

To facilitate the reimbursement of the used amounts (if you do not want to reimburse the total used amount within the grace period) Credit Europe Bank asks you to reimburse monthly only the minimum amount of 5% of the transaction's value stated in the account statement issued at the end of each month, including related commissions and interest (if it is the case).
The minimum reimbursement amount stated in the monthly account statement will be paid within 15 calendar days from its issuing.
With the issuing of the account statement, Credit Europe Bank sends you an SMS with the minimum amount to be paid!
The credit limit granted on the card is revolving; the reimbursed amounts are available again on the card account starting with the second day so that it can be used again.

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