Project financing

You have a new project? We help you to realize it.

The credit for project financing is destinated to:

  • Purchasing real estate
    • Purchasing equipment/ tehnologies new or second hand, of any type
    • Financing construction of new buidings on free land
  • Financing building extensions

Long term Maturity: maximum 5 years

Grace Perriod: depending on the type of project

Eligibility criteria:

  • Financially stable company
  • Minimum 1 year experience in the business field
  • No overdue loans (CRB)
  • No payments incidents recorded in the Incidents Payment Bureau (CIP)

Required documents:

  • Last two Annual Balance Sheets stamped by Financial Administration with the relevant trial balances (for companies with more than 2 years activity)
  • Bi-annual Balance Sheet and the relevant trial balance (if existent)
  • Last trial balance closed (not older than 2 months)
  • Legal documents of the company
  • Relevant documents of the collaterals
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