A wide range of savings facilities at your disposal. They ensure efficiency and flexibility, with a minimum risk, being a safe and profitable investment option.



  • The deposits are guaranteed, within the limit communicated by the Deposit Security Found in the Banking System
  • The interest rates are fixed for the whole life of the deposit
  • Currencies: RON, EUR, USD
  • The deposits can be opened using any predefined maturity
  • The minimum amount for opening a term deposit varies depending the options made
  • The deposit has a roll-over option


  • Flexibility - you can choose from variety of maturities, currencies and interest rates
  • The deposits can be used as security for any Credit Europe Bank loan


  • All you need to open a term deposit with Credit Europe Bank is your request
  • The non-resident companies can only open term deposits EUR and USD

Interest rates

For interest rates on term deposits (for legal entities) please contact the account officer in the branch / agency.

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